Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Half Marathon, and Sister Wives House

 Bright and early Saturday morning, February 11th at the Utah Olympic Oval, in Kearns, Utah.
I signed up for another race to stay on target with my 2012 New Year's Goal of participating in at least one race every month.  I ran at the Utah Olympic Oval and ran 47 1/2 laps to complete a half marathon.  This race was a lot like the race I participated in on New Year's Eve called the Revolution Run in which you just run as long as you can for four hours.
 Going into this race I really wanted to try for a PR but wasn't sure what my body would say to that.  I started out at a nice steady slow pace, as usual.  Then every so often I would try to kick it into a little higher gear.  Because I was indoors my garmin wouldn't pick up the satellite and so I didn't know my pace.  I tried to keep track of my laps but totally forgot after awhile.  The race people were supposed to be doing that anyway. (They failed at that come to find out at the end) So, I ended up just taking off the watch and putting it away in my bag.  I do enjoy running at the oval for the fact that it is indoors and there are restrooms very accessible and also water and snacks every lap if so desired.  At the half way mark of supposedly 23 3/4 laps I could tell I wasn't going to be breaking any records so I just settled in to a nice easy pace, which really ISN'T EASY for me yet.  I'm hoping someday this whole running journey will feel a bit easier.  As some of the fastest runners were completing their laps we could hear over the loudspeaker names being called out and the amount of laps that were completed.  That was a little bit exciting to keep my ears perked up for my name to be called.  A little disheartening though to discover I had a LOT more laps still to do.  I definitely wasn't going to be breaking any land records today.
I'm guessing there were maybe a little over a hundred runners who participated in this race.  I probably finished in the bottom third.  I was just happy to get to be there and participate and get a good run in for the day.  As I finished my final lap and ran in one of the men helping the Oval with their computer system said there were problems with the counting of the laps and that I did AT LEAST a half marathon, possibly more.  I'm just glad I'm not a super serious runner who has to know the exact logistics.  My final time was 2:32:40.  Definitely not a proud number for me considering I ran St. George Half Marathon last month in the rain in 2:22:37.  But with the Oval still working the bugs out of the system I'm alright with that. 
I called my husband and said I was on my way home.  He said he would get an ice bath ready for me.  I firmly believe now that these are very helpful in the recovery of sore muscles.  After having done it twice now after long runs I can definitely tell a difference. 

I then had an engagement shower to go to of my niece out in Lehi.  My son Cooper decided he would go with me and said he knew exactly where the Sister Wives house was located and wondered if I wanted to go see it.  Of course I did, especially since I am such a fan of the show!  I'm definitely not a fan of polygamy but will admit I have some practicing family members that live out in Colorado City.  When we drove down the street it felt a little awkward and I totally felt like a stalker.  It's a one-way street and so we had to go down to the end of the lane and turn around to drive by it again.  Awkward once again!  I'm sure we weren't the only people in town to ever take a picture of their house. So here's my photo for your viewing pleasure. We think it's possible that Cody and possibly some others were actually there at the time because his little fast car he drives on the show was parked out in the driveway.  Sorry I have no more photos.  I was actually feeling a bit brave just to get this one photo.  


Unknown said...

I'm totally fascinated with that show. I think I'd probably 'stalk' the house too.
Keep up the good work on your running!

Jerilee E. said...

Oh goodness, I love that show, too! I've heard that it's awkward to drive by- no way to make it look like a casual random drive-by ;).
47 laps around?? That's a lot of laps! Great job!

Doran & Jody said...

Great job on your run chicky!!