Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cooper's 24th Birthday

Today was a special day for two people in the family.  Mark was called into the Bishopric today and I will post later about that. February 5th is Cooper's special day as well.  This will be the last year I can buy only one box of candles to adorn his cake.  They come 24 to a box.  I think Jordan put the candles on the cake.  A little skee-wampus if you ask me.  Oh well, at least he wanted to help.  Daddy made the cake.  He has been wanting to find his mom's carrot cake for years and make it.  He finally did and was so happy with the outcome.  I will admit I was very impressed with the flavor and texture of this thing, especially the part about refrigerating it.  Mmmmm....cold carrot cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream just hit the spot nicely after a dinner of baked potato bar.

My mother is moving up in the world and has purchased herself a laptop and printer.  We are talking this is a major milestone for her!! She has never owned a computer and my dad is very skeptical that she will be able to operate this.  We are talking about someone who has to write instructions down on how to operate her VCR.  This should be very interesting to see how she does. Wade is helping her learn a few things here.  He set her up a facebook account and added all of her children and grandchildren.  Too funny!!  He also set her up a gmail.  She's not going to know how to use it for awhile though.  She doesn't have internet connection at her house but will be arranging for that to happen in the near future.  I'm sure there will be many, many, many phone calls and visits in the future with helping her learn how to be tech savy.
Of course there is always time for some romping with the little Mr. Miles.  He knows how to entertain a room full of people.  What a nice way to end a beautiful day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COOPER MALONE FISHER!