Saturday, May 24, 2014

Alpine Classic Half Marathon

May 24, 2014
There is a new pacing crew in Utah currently up and running called Run Your Race Pacers.  
They are sort of an off shoot of the other group I pace mostly for, Utah Race Pacers.
So I have met the pace directors and got on board to start pacing for them as well.
This Alpine Classic Half Marathon would be my second opportunity pacing for them and so when they offered I kindly accepted.

I ran this race last year with my buddy Josh.  We had a blast running almost the entire race together.
This year Josh decided not to run this course since it was so hilly and also because he is marathon training and would be elsewhere this weekend.

I got to the starting line area and met up with the pacers and got my pacing wrist band and sign.
The pacer group also gave me a really cute pink headband and some free frozen yogurt coupons to Yogurtland.  Pretty sweet deal right there.

I was set to pace the 2:30 group and had a great time.
The weather was a little iffy.

The finish line was a complete downpour but I hung around for a little while and ate watermelon and cheered for a few other people coming in.  

When I couldn't stand the rain any longer I headed to the car and got home to a nice warm shower.
This course is very pretty winding all through some very nice neighborhoods of the quaint, small city of Alpine, Utah.  I will probably be back to run it again next year.