Saturday, April 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Gardens Half Marathon

April 26, 2014

I love pacing half marathons and have really appreciated the opportunities to do so up to now and hope to continue to do more.

Thanksgiving Gardens is an absolutely beautiful place to run.  Part of the course is right inside the gardens among all the tulips and many flowers.  Unfortunately, while I'm pacing and running I can't stop to take photos. 
 I met up early with my fried Monnica Skinner who drove us over to the race start.  I like races that don't have bus pick up, which means we don't have to arrive quite as early.  

We met up with the other pacers and chatted and tried to stay warm and dry.  It was definitely going to be a chilly, wet run. 

The Pace Director had the slowest pacing spot available and so I jumped on it.  I don't care what I pace if it means getting to run a race and help others reach their goals.
It was a beautiful, but wet run and one of the perks in the race bag was a free ticket to go back to the gardens and enjoy the beauty there.  Mark had never been before so this was a perfect day date opportunity. 

What a sweet and beautiful day later after the rain was gone.