Tuesday, February 11, 2014

No Snow Indoor Run-January 18, 2014

An indoor race? In the middle of Winter? What a fun concept!  One of our local colleges, Utah Valley University, puts on an indoor 5K to benefit the Habitat for Humanity here in the valley.  It's a very decent price with early registration being only $10.00.  That includes a t-shirt and a breakfast afterwards.  What a deal!  I ran this last year and had a fabulous time so decided I would do it again.  My training called for 30 miles and I knew I wouldn't be doing that all here at the college.  I wanted to get as much done as I could though because the remainder mileage was just going to be done at home on the treadmill, and running with friends is so much more fun.  My friend Josh, and Vince both wanted to get a lot of extra mileage in so we met up early, (it was actually still pretty dark outside) and we headed into the very quiet, empty halls of UVU. Have you ever been inside a college that felt totally deserted?  It was a little weird feeling.
We put in some good solid mileage before more people started showing up.  By the time the race started we had a good 5-6 miles completed.  When a few other friends started showing up I stopped to visit and take photos.  Vince kept running because he needed to get home by a certain time to his family and had a goal for his mileage for the morning.  I did too but sometimes socializing just takes over my running.  I know it's a problem but I can't help it sometimes.
Mark and Jill Gabica and their little girl who just turned 3 came this year again and so they were taking her along for the 3 miles.  She actually ran a lot of it herself. Way to go little Addison!  Of course there's my friend Josh who ran a lot of my miles today with me.  I think I finished with a total for 12 miles before I went home to finish up on the treadmill.
Some of our socializing involved laughing at our goofy hair and silhouettes in front of the gigantuous map of the course.
A huge pancake and a little cup of oatmeal with brown sugar were a couple of delicious things offered after the race was over.  

This was a super fun race and I had a great time running up and down the halls of a college.  I almost felt like a principal should be coming around a corner at any time telling us to stop running.  


Heatherlyn said...

An indoor race in this weather sounds like a great idea! It looks like fun!

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

Man, I wish there was an indoor race around here! I could sure use a reprieve from all the rain! I guess I do have a treadmill in the garage, but we all know that's zero fun!

Unknown said...

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