Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Run with Facebook Running Friends

Sometimes you just meet the most fun people through Facebook running groups.  You get to go on exciting adventures, romping through the snow, and you just have a fabulous time doing something crazy yet rewarding.  This run was organized by a FB friend named Rachelle.  This was the 2nd year she's done it.  I wanted to attend last year but it fell on the same day as my RA Christmas run and they are pretty important friends to me.  I wouldn't miss a run with them.

This year my Christmas run with the RA group is happening after Christmas and so I was able to join up with this group of people today.  We met early on Saturday morning, Dec 21st, at Kneader's in Provo.  I said hello to a few people and we got a quick photo together and we were off.

The plan was to run on the Provo River Trail as far up the canyon as you wanted and then turn around and come back.  Since I am a slower runner, and I still had to get my gloves, hat, water belt and everything situated I started at the very back.  I ran with a couple other slower runners and met a couple new people.  It was also cool to see the faster runners coming back the opposite direction, and even some people who weren't planning to go very far.  
Mike Talbot belongs in the RA group and came to this Christmas run as well.  He was heading back early to go skiing with his family.  Super friendly guy, always fun to see him.
A few people dressed up a little and had a good time with that.  You can see the trail we were running on was pretty snowy.  There were only a few places I almost slipped and fell.  I tried to stay in the soft un-trampled on snow.
Me, Dawn Bentley, Angie Pace, London Riding, Charles Stoddard-Pretty swell little group to run with!!
Stephanie, Holly, Angie, London, Kim, Bill-More friends who make me smile!
Galen, Me, Carl, Lisa, Jennifer (not sure on names on a couple people here)  As you can see the fun never stops though!  Good times for sure. 

As different groups of people were going by me down the canyon I had to continue up. My training calls for big mileage and I wasn't anywhere near what I needed.  I only saw a few more people and then I didn't dare go on up higher all alone.  I turned around and headed back to the starting area.  I found some cute decorations in the Provo Riverwoods Shopping area and stopped for a couple photos.  It was quite delightful to find a Christmas Tree and a Nutcracker while out on a Christmas run.  My mileage for the morning only turned out to be about 10 miles but that would have to suffice.  I had my Christmas piano recital coming up in a few hours and needed to get home to get ready for that.

Christmas, Snow, Fun Running Friends, Decorations, I love it all!
Merry Christmas