Saturday, September 28, 2013

Porter's 22nd Birthday

September 13th, 2013. Porter's Birthday. If he were here we would be celebrating his 22nd birthday this year with him. Since he is not here we celebrate anyway and hope he attends and watches over us.  I try to imagine what he would look like 3 1/2 years older?  Would he be taller? Would he have facial hair like his brothers?  Would he have long or short hair?  Would he still be as athletic as he was when he was alive?  I imagine him as looking more like a young man than a teenager now.  I recently put this photo in my bathroom where I can see his sweet smile everyday.  It makes me very happy.

We like to go to dinner as a family for birthdays and decided that Brick Oven in Provo sounded like a great place.  Before we headed out my mother came over to give us a basket of goodies for Porter.  Porter won't get to partake of the deliciousness, so we will for him.  She likes to give him presents even though he's in heaven.  I think it's one way she shows how much she loves and misses her little grandson.  We all do.
She put together a little picnic basket with the makings for hamburgers, some chips and a bottle of her homemade dill pickles.  Porter LOVED to eat at grandma's house and she always made sure to feed him lots whenever he went to visit or work for her.
While we were visiting, Kali, my daughter had a fun idea.  She said we didn't have a four generation picture and that we should go outside and get one.  I'm so glad I have a brilliant daughter with awesome photography skills.  I know this doesn't have anything to do with Porter's birthday but it was one of those neat ideas we couldn't pass up on.
Then we headed down to Provo for dinner.  It was a Friday night and we had to wait about 20 minutes to get seated but when we did it was perfect.  They gave us their party room without us even requesting it.  How did they even know we were celebrating a birthday?
We had a nice big table with plenty of room to spread out all to ourselves.  The food was super delicious and everyone was happy.  Miles would much rather get up and move around than be stuck at a table eating food.  That is so not like me.  Bring on the food!  I think little Harper girl and I think alike.
My other 3 children are so cute together.  I love to watch them interact with each other.  They are sweet kids. 
As we were finishing up in came the servers singing a song and brought free dessert for a birthday.  Once again, how did they know?  Apparently, when I went off to wash up my daughter told the servers we were celebrating a birthday but that that person wasn't here.  They assumed when I came back from the restroom my daughter was talking about me.  I felt the need to explain that it really wasn't my birthday but our son's who was in heaven.  I felt bad for getting the free dessert but the servers were totally fine with it.  After all we were celebrating a birthday.
We had a great time together as a family and I'm so glad we can continue to celebrate together.  Families are forever and I'm grateful I have mine forever.  They bring me much joy and happiness.


Renee said...

This brings tears to my eyes. Every time you talk about your son, Porter, I feel so very fortunate to have all my children alive and well. A reminder to never take them for granted. Thank you for sharing.

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

It makes my mamma heart ache to think of you loosing a child, but I love that he is still a part of who you are and your family forever.

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

Loosing a child? Oh my goodness! I can't even take my comment seriously with a huge mistake like that! Gah!

LOSING!!! Goodness gracious.

LL said...

This made me CRY!
I can't imagine how anyone carries on with the pain of missing a child. Yet, you guys do it with such grace. I love that you celebrate him each day and still eat dessert in his honor. I'm certain he was there, enjoying seeing everyone together.
And that four generation picture is priceless!
You guys are amazing, such great examples of good (beautiful) people!
Sending love.

Michael said...

You have a truly wonderful family. Thanks for sharing something so personal with all of us out here in the blog world. I was crying as well just thinking of what it would be like to celebrate the Birthday of your son. It's a beautiful way to keep his memory alive.

Yo Momma Runs said...

What a sweet mom you have to make a basket of goodies for him. I bet he was definitely smiling from the other side!