Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Call From a Stranger That Made Me Happy, Happy, Happy

It's interesting how blogging and running have opened up a whole new world of friendships.  I got the most random phone call the other day from an 82 year old gentlemen.  He left a message on my answering machine and I was blown away by his kindness.  I typed out what he said because I was so touched by his words and I wanted to share them.

"Hi my name is Woody Whitlock and I live up in __________. 
Mine's the name listed next to Susette on the sign-up entrance for the 50K Corner Canyon run.  The crazy one that's 82 years old.  

I'm just calling to say THANKS so much for your detailed write-up of the last year's 50K. 
That helped me to change my mind, and sign up and switch over to the 25K.

Probably saved my life.
But it was wonderful and then I looked at your running record and was just in totally awe-shock at all the running you've done in the last 2 years.
But anyway it was just wonderful to read that and I wanted to thank you for it and maybe I'll get to see you down there on the 15th of June.
If you want to call back my number here is_______________.  

You're an inspirtation, thanks bye."

You better believe I called him back.  We had a nice little conversation and I asked him how he had found my write-up on the blog.  I was so glad it helped him with his decision about running this race. I told him since he knows what I look like he will have to introduce himself at the race.  He has the advantage seeing my blog and the photos.  Honestly though, not many 82 year old's are out running 25 and 50K's so I think I will be able to find him as well.   HE is definitely the inspiration.  I hope I'm still running at 82 years old!  Seriously!!

I'm not the fastest runner out there but I have a good time and if I can inspire people to get out there and enjoy it too then by golly that makes me happy, happy, happy.  (Yes, I'm a Duck Dynasty fan)


Gina Horkey said...

What a cool story; thanks for sharing! I hope to also be running late into life. You've got to be proud of how much faster you've gotten; you'd be able to pass me any day. Your recent pacing stories have been fun to read too!

wendy said...

that must have been such a thrill for you to get that random phone call. Love little surprises like that.
(glad to hear you are a duck dynasty fan...ME TOO)

Michael said...

That's the coolest story ever and making me smile from ear to ear.

So hope you guys meet up.

Jerilee E. said...

What a great story! I love that he thought to call you and thank you :). That's something that people just don't do much of anymore.

Cory Reese said...

What an awesome story!

I am so sad that this race is two weeks after Bryce 100 so I don't think I'll be up for a 50k by then. I'll be wishing I was there with you again!

Heatherlyn said...

I think you do amazing write ups on your blog of the races you run. I don't even run and I read them and am amazed by how interesting they are and how descriptive you are. I think you have a real gift.

tammy said...

That is so sweet.