Thursday, January 31, 2013

24 Hour Solo Endurance Run

Ahhhh!!! I'm freaking out just a little bit.
I'm dipping my toes into new water. Shoot, maybe I'm jumping in with both feet!
I knew 2013 was the year I wanted to explore some new distances and new territory with my running. 
I have already been signing up for half marathons that get me an early bird registration price. I've got to take advantage of that for sure. 
I've also been asked to pace the Salt Lake City Half Marathon which will be a new experience as well.  You know those people in the brightly colored shirts holding a little sign as they run?  Yeah, I get to do that on April 20th.  Want to run with the 2:30 group?  Then come find me and join me for a run through the streets of good old Salt Lake City. It should be a fun time!

But now the REAL reason I'm freaking out. 
I just signed up for a race distance I've never done before. 
I'm going beyond my furthest distance of 46 miles that I did last year for my 46th birthday.

I just signed up for the Moab 24 hour solo run in March. 

I will be attempting to run/walk for 24 hours straight.
That means start at 6:00 am one day and end the next day at 6:00 am.
So exactly how many miles will that be?? I have no idea.  If I can average a 15 minute pace then that would get me 96 miles.  I have no idea what to expect though being out on the trails.  I know how fast I can travel on regular roads.  Trails are definitely slower for me.  I just like the concept though that I don't have to cover a certain amount of mileage to complete the race.
I only need to try and stay on my feet for 24 hours.
It should be a fun adventure.
I hope it is.
I hope I don't get bored.
I hope I can stay awake.
What does a person do for that many hours to stay entertained? 

I've wanted to do this race for a few months and gave up all hope because I am just a big chicken to do this kind of stuff alone.  When I discovered another runner friend was going to attempt it (She made the attempt last year too) I soon started chatting with her about it and decided if there was going to be another familiar face out there then I could be brave and go for it.  Both of our worries comes from being out there all night in the dark alone and so we will try to stay together for company and safety purposes during the dark hours.
This course is a 5.61 mile loop that you just do over and over and over again and so there should be no concern about wandering lost in the mountains somewhere.  At least I'm hoping the trail will be marked well and if we get lost then at least we'll be lost together.  

I'm excited!  I'm nervous!  I'm crazy! 
I'm thrilled that I finally had the nerve to push the registration button, just like Cory Reese said to do.


Stacey Runs and Eats said...

That is so cool!!!
I've been looking at one in VA this spring but have yet to hit the register button.

lisapenn said...

WOW. WOW. WOW! I cannot wait to hear about this one! That sounds like so much fun. Congrats on being chosen as the pacer. That will be fun. (For me it would be nervewracking!)

TR said...

just stumbled across your blog - WOWWWWEE! I can't even imagine. 24 hours! This is amazing!

Cory Reese said...

AWESOME! This will be a perfect race to get some experience with what it's like to run all day and all night. I guarantee you will love it. (Well, some of your muscles will hate it. But most of you will really, really love it.)

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

Wow! You are incredible! First off, I totally want to pace a half someday, lucky duck.

I think you will totally rock the ultra! I wish I didn't live so far away or I'd come pace you for a lap or two! That sounds fantastic (by fantastic I mean fantastic that I'm not the one crazy enough to do it but I'll sure love the blog post when you're done)!!!

Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

PS If they need anyone else to pace I'll totally come do it.

Unknown said...

Sooo exciting! Pacing a race is on my (mental) list of things to do this year too. I'm pacing a friend at an upcoming marathon. She's only doing the half, so I'm hoping that pacing her helps me to not try and go out too fast (always regret that!). Can't wait to hear about the 24-hour adventure. I'm planning to stick with some buddies for my first 50K this month too. We'll see if it actually happens, but it would be nice to have people around at all times.

Unknown said...
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