Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Piano Recital 2012

I don't post much about my life as a piano teacher but I truly do love it and feel like I have the most amazing kids ever that I have the opportunity of teaching. They bring so much joy to my life and fill my day with glad sounds. After losing Porter I thought teaching was going to be a challenge but it has actually been a huge blessing as these kids come so diligently week after week and fill my home with happy melodies. They give me an extra special purpose to life and bring smiles to my face.

At Halloween time they learn and memorize a Halloween song and dress up in a costume and play for each other and one guest.  Just only 6-7 weeks later they are working hard getting a Christmas piece learned to perform for the parents and families and I put huge pressure on them to get it learned and memorized in time.  Most of them pull through for me and make me proud.  Because I teach a large number of kids (about 43)  I have to split the recitals into two sessions so that all the families may be accommodated in one recital hall. 

This is the first group of kids
The second group of kids.
We were missing a few others due to scheduling conflicts and I missed them.
This is my good buddy Laurie.  I walk with her twice a week and share all my life's details with her.  She basically knows everything about me and I appreciate her so much for all the leaning I do on her.  She was just recently made the RS President in her ward and I wasn't one bit surprised.  She has a great heart and is just so warm and caring and easy to be around. She will serve her group of ladies well and they are so lucky to have her.
I love all my students so much and these two included have found a special place in my heart.
Some kids I have taught for a lengthy amount of time and as they grow and turn into little young adults it's so hard to watch them move on to colleges and missions.  It's like they have become one of my own kids and I get so attached to them and it's hard to see them leave. 
My life is so filled up with running, piano teaching, being a wife, mother and grandmother that I have neglected my relationships with other family members.  It's not on purpose, it's just gradually happened over the years and I've recently been trying to turn that around.  My two sisters are a joy to be around and really know how to bring on the laughter and fun. This is my sister Kareena and Marie.  With the holidays so near we have been trying to do more things together and I was so delighted that they both wanted to attend my piano recital and share in that joy with me.  Thanks sisses for being there.


Murph said...

Isn’t it funny? I’ve been a scout master for well over a dozen years, and while my current group of boys really help to keep me young, I really start to feel old when my past groups of guys move on to college, missions… marriage. It’s a strange life working with the youth, but I wouldn’t change a thing.
Please have a wonderful Christmas!