Friday, May 21, 2010

True Friendships and Concerts

Porter was just a good boy! He didn't mind serving and even did so with a smile in his heart and a spring in his step.  Just ask his grandma!
This is another tender photo of my son that a dear friend, Karla gave to me. Her daughter Sarah is in the wagon being pulled by Porter. (Thanks for sharing with me) Any new photo I receive of Porter is like a priceless treasure to me. 
Sarah was a sweet friend to Porter and has shared some of her true, raw feelings in her blog titled  I love that Sarah's mom, Karla, allowed only Porter, the one boy she trusted, to take her daughter to concerts.
Tonight we attended a concert that Porter would have been playing in had he still been here with us. Me, Mark, Cooper, and Brittany drove up together. We saw Keely and her friends there. Porter was teaching Keely how to play the guitar before he passed away.  Keely and her sister Karli were the sweet girls with the angelic voices that sang two musical numbers for us at Porter's funeral. We also met up with Karla and Sarah and enjoyed just being there with them and listening to the music that Porter loved playing so much. The lead singer, Sam, wrote a song just for Porter and debuted it tonight.  It's such a tender song and I pictured Porter up on stage so many times during the show playing his bass standing next to Sam.  I can't wait to get an actual recording of the song. Sam said he hopes to do that this Summer. I recorded the whole song on a very old VHS compact camcorder, so I could watch and listen but I can't download it to the computer. I will share the words as far as I can understand them and hope I got it right for now.
This photo was taken after Porter's band had already performed.  I was so engrossed with filming everything that I forgot to take photos until afterward.  So sorry, no photo of Porter's band.
Sarah and me in the courtyard of the concert venue.

Porter's Song

I can't find the right words to say
About a heart so big
That it could not stay
In one place at a time
Take me to your favorite state of mind
and lose yourself
I wonder what we'll find

This plan is perfect
Though it seems unkind
And I know it's perfect
for someday we will find
Strength in knowing this
Strength in knowing this

What we've lost along the way
Will return to us someday
But we'll be missing you
In the meantime

When we're lost we're not alone
And just know that you've gone home
And we'll be missing you
In the meantime

This plan is perfect
Though it seems unkind
I know it's perfect
For someday we will find
Strength in knowing this
Strength in knowing this

The words to this song are so beautiful and I cried as I listened to Sam sing them.  I know Heavenly Father's plan is perfect and I daily try to find strength in knowing this.  I HAVE to have faith in knowing this. I love how Sam called Porter's heart too big to stay here.  He was needed somewhere else and it does seem unkind that he was taken, yet His plan is perfect. 

I love you Porter♥


Kali said...

cute cute cute. i love that boy. i wish i could have come to the concert. but i can't wait to watch what you recorded.

Brittany said...

This was a very good night. I also pictured Porter up on stage right behind Sam and next to the drums where he played the last time me and Cooper saw him. I got a very warm, overwhelmed feeling. He was there for sure playing for his mom and dad. I'm so glad I got the chance to meet him and grow closer to his family. Love you guys :)

the weisenburger life said...

Sarah and I loved being with you and your family tonight. I am in awe of your strength and faith. I am so thankful that you wrote the lyrics down to Porter's song. I love them.

Seeing Sarah in her Ask for the Future shirt, listing to their CD tonight after the concert was so endearing. I suspect that I will be seeing a lot of that shirt :o)

I'm afraid that I am not as fun as Porter at concerts, but I just cannot bear to trust her with any one else and don't know when I will be able to. I just pray that our loving Father will let Porter watch over and comfort her.

Love you

Cynthia said...

You're making me cry again. I can't even hear the music but the words really are beautiful. He made such an impression on so many with his too-short life. How proud you must be- and rightfully so.

LyndiLou said...

Oh... what a perfect song and a sweet tribute. I can't wait to hear it too. :)

Jacki said...

I'm glad you were all able to attend this concert together. The words to Porters Song is so touching. I'm sure Porter was there watching over everyone and smiling.

Launi said...

The must have known him so well and loved him so much to be able to write such perfect words for him--and for you. We will all love to hear it someday.


Heatherlyn said...

It's a lovely poem. Porter sounds like an exceptional young man. It reminds me of that song by Diamond Rio (I think) where they say that Angels don't shed tears for the ones who have passed on but for the ones who are left behind. But, there is a lot of goodness left to experience in life and you will be reunited again with Porter soon enough. He sounds like he was already an angel. :)