Thursday, May 20, 2010

Porter's Best Friend

I went out to my mailbox today and received a sweet surprise.  A very touching letter from a dear friend, Laurie and this cute photo of my son on the left and his best friend Nathan Buhler in the center. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this photo.  Porter has the brightest smile and such a twinkle in his eyes.  It just makes me feel such warmth and an overflowing amount of love for this bond these two had.  This next-door neighbor friendship began from the time these two were toddling around in diapers and was a friendship truly like no other I've ever seen. They camped together, went fishing, hiked, jumped on the trampoline, rode skateboards and bikes, played in the sprinklers, played basketball, climbed trees and anything else they could make an adventure out of.
This picture was taken in June of 2008 at Nathan's farewell get-together.  When Porter was about 16 years old Nathan moved to Salem yet they still stayed in touch and hung out together often.  Nathan will be coming home from his mission in just a couple weeks and I am looking forward to visiting with him and his mama, Laurie.  Nathan was so devastated when he found out the tragic news of Porter's passing.  Him and his mom plan to spend some time here listening to the funeral, watching home movies, and looking at photos of Porter.  It will be so different to see Nathan here without Porter by his side.  They really were always together.  I plan to give Nathan a big hug and then give him an extra BIG hug from Porter.   Porter looked up to Nathan and was inspired by his good example of serving a mission.  It just breaks my heart that Nathan won't be getting to hug Porter himself.

I love you Porter♥


LL said...

how nice to get a surpirse letter--
what a GREAT picture! Porter has such a sweet smile.

KC Mom said...

What a thoughtful surprise, a gently reminder of how much he is loved.

Jenny said...

I have to tell you that as I read your blog these days, it humbles me into be grateful to have my 18 year old son. We have been having so much trouble with him, he dropped out of school, was hanging with guys that were drug addicts, doing things that I thought I had taught him better than to have him doing them. My heart feels some days like I have lost him, even though he is here. So, as I read your blog I have started to treasure his living at home. That I can still hug him. I am sorry if what I write is hard, but I feel such gratitude for your words. Here I sit crying at your lost and mine. I just hope there will be a day that I can see mine go back to church, maybe serve the Lord.

Jacki said...

Ah what a sweet surprise to get in the mail. Another treasured photo of porters smile. :)

Heatherlyn said...

It's a great picture!