Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nathan and Sarah's Wedding

This is Porter's best friend, Nathan. They've played together since they were little toddlers running around in diapers together. Nathan moved 20 miles away when he was about 15 and yet they still tried to get together and hang out occasionally. Nathan went on his mission and Porter was looking so forward to the day of his return. Just 2 months before Nathan arrived home is when Porter's accident and death happened. When Nathan started dating this sweet girl and then announced his engagement we were thrilled. Nathan is like one of my own boys. He spent many days and nights in my home since he grew up and lived right next door to us for 15 years. I was so thrilled we were invited to go to the temple sealing in the Manti temple, especially since I had never been to that temple. I also knew I didn't want to miss this opportunity because I KNEW Porter would be there in spirit too. There was no way Porter would miss his best friend's wedding.
It was a beautiful ceremony and the young couple were so radiant.  Nathan just beamed from ear to ear.  You could just see the love he has for his new little bride as they knelt together over that sacred altar.  Tears could not be restrained on my part, more for the fact that I could feel Porter there and smiling as he observed this special ordinance taking place.  Congratulations Nathan and Sarah.  I am so happy for you two and wish you an eternal life of happiness together!