Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day

Father's Day was a little bit late this year because church was out at 12:00 noon and then we dashed home for a little quick bite to hold us over and then headed to a missionary homecoming of a good friend of the family. Then we went to their house for some nice visiting and some delicious food. Then we were able to come home and relax for a little bit. We invited Kali and Wade and my parents over for dinner (way later) and decided to wait until then to open Father's Day gifts. Everybody is holding the gift they gave to daddy. Mark is holding a gift that I bought for him that reminded me of him and Porter together and so I told him that was from Porter.

There are 2 reasons I love this first photo.  Little Miles is usually the one we have to encourage to look at the camera, yet he is the only one ready and looking.  Good job Miles!   Next reason I love this photo is after loading them I discovered that Porter's pastel is in the background as though he is back there watching all the interactions going on and loving us.  I was so warmed by a comment Mark made later that night.  He said he felt Porter here with him for a brief moment when he opened the daddy and son statue.  I like to think Porter comes often to visit. 
Oh how I love this family!
Oh how I love this man!
Happy Father's Day