Friday, March 8, 2013

Excitement in the Air

There's so many things going on in life that I'm looking forward to.
They may be small but they make me happy.

*I won a hotel and dinner package for the weekend of Top of Utah Marathon. I didn't sign up for this marathon because I don't love running marathons unless they are out on the trails.   I have a decision to make as to whether or not I will be running this.  Regardless, I can have a nice weekend in the lovely Logan valley in September.  I will be running the half marathon though a couple weeks previous to the marathon.  I am so excited my daughter Kali is signed up and will be running with me.  Having my family join me in this journey makes me extremely happy!

*Spring Weather and getting back out on the trails to feel some dirt under my feet.

*Just ordered some HokaOneOnes and will be getting those any moment. I will be using these for my upcoming 24 Moab race.  I've been told that running in them feels like running on clouds.  Can't wait to try them out!!  I will definitely need some extra cushion while running that many hours.

*St. Patrick's Half Marathon in just one week.  I haven't run a half marathon race since January and I'm itching to get out there and see if I've progressed since running this same race last year. 

*I've been ramping up the mileage in preparation for my 24 hour run.  206 miles in January, 201 miles in February and already running like crazy in March.  I think I have become a little obsessive with the treadmill lately.  Netflix has been a fun discovery.  My son has been paying for it for about 3 years now and I didn't even know of its loveliness until now.

*Since I was chosen to be a pacer for the Salt Lake City Half Marathon in April there are a few things I need to learn about this assignment.  There was a pacer meeting last night where an Adidas rep came and helped us pick out our free shoes we will get to run in.  We also learned we will be running in an Adidas shirt and shorts.  I'm not excited about the shorts and will probably wear some sort of leggings underneath.  But the whole experience is exciting and one I am looking very forward to.  We will be having another meeting soon to learn more of the pacing how-to basics and to then receive our shoes, shorts and shirts.

I've just realized as I typed all this out that each one of these is running related.  I guess you could say that running makes me happy!  What makes you happy and what are you looking forward to?


Amy N. said...

Man! I want to pace that half and get free swag! Awesome! Sounds like a great deal!

Running is such a happy activity! I love that all your happy items are running related!

You are putting in some serious mileage! I only run 3 days a week so I always have pathetically low mileage.

Netflix shows to watch:
Lolo documentary
Running the Sahara
Everest:Beyond the Limit (there are lots of everest documentaries, but I like this one best)

We've watched a ton of other awesome stuff, but I can't think of it right now.

Julia said...

Yay yay yay!!!! I just stopped over to see if you were running the shamrock half and am so happy to see you are! I was debating on signing up since I will be in town and finally just decided to give it a try! I'm super anxious because I feel like I won't be used to the altitude any more but I finally just decided it would be fun and I figured there would bound to be at least one amazing friend running it that I would love to see:):):) hoping to see you there!!!!

Yo Momma Runs said...

So cool that you get all those perks for helping to pace! And I am in complete awe that you will be running for 24 hours. Amazing.