Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kali's Birthday

October is a month in which we celebrate my oldest child's birthday as well as my husbands. Here are just a few (or many) photos showing the two occasions.

Miles and Kali-We went to lunch on Friday at Rubio's.  Seriously the best fish tacos in town! Then afterwards we went shopping to one of Kali's favorite stores, Target for her to pick out her birthday presents.

Then the next evening Kali and Wade went on a date while we got to babysit the cute little Mr. Miles.  When they got back Wade brought a cake he baked all by himself for Kali to blow the candles out.
It was a team effort to get these candles eventually blown out before the wax melted all over the cake. Oops, there was only a little bit to pick off.
I would much rather take somebody shopping and have them pick out what they want than for me to make a guess.  I'm so glad Kali found a couple of items she really liked.  Although she did admit whenever she's out shopping she finds so many things she wants and then when she got to pick whatever she wanted she couldn't find anything.  It didn't take too long for her to come up with something though.  Good job Kali, I like what you picked!
After present opening we headed over to Menchies to get frozen yogurt.  It was a lot of fun picking out our flavors and toppings and doing a LOT of sampling of the 14 or more flavors.  I felt like a kid in a candy store for sure.
Jordan got a free toy at the check out counter and had fun playing with the sticky hand. So fun to see my grown-up kids 'playing'.
Me and Mark
Cooper and Miles
Happy Birthday Kali!


JennyLynn said...

Happy Birthday Kali!