Thursday, March 3, 2011

Photos of Porter This Week-Day 4

As I sit here contemplating what to share about Porter today, and while listening to Porter's favorite band Keane, I am reminded of his intense desire to be a bassist for that band.  In the earlier days of Keane they apparently didn't have one and Porter vowed he would someday be a part of that band.  It seems he ate, drank, and slept Keane.  We listened to Keane non-stop.  Not by our choice of course.  If Keane wasn't blaring from the computer speakers then it was coming from Porter's instruments he would play.  Or if you happened to drive Porter's car then immediately that's the first thing you heard when you started it up.  I'll admit I wasn't a huge fan of Keane, possibly because I heard it ALL the time.  Now that he's gone it's so different.  I can't get enough of their music and it's all I want to listen to, especially as I sit here at the computer.  I've even gone so far as to load Keane on my ipod, and enjoy listening to them during my workouts.  It's interesting to me how I cling to things now that he loved.  I guess it's one way to feel closer to him still.
Porter was so excited to be able to attend a Keane concert with a good buddy of his, Brian, back in May of 2009.  It was something he had wanted to do for many, many years.  He had super good seats and had a blast finally getting to see his favorite band of all time in person.  I'm so glad this was another one of his dreams fulfilled.   

You're leaving so soon
Never had a chance to bloom


Cynthia said...

It makes perfect sense that you'd hold on to every piece you can. Thankfully, he was a wonderfully talented young man who left so many pieces for you!