Sunday, February 2, 2014

Training Has Taken Over My Life

I can't believe a whole month has gone by and I didn't post one single time in January.  I have run 3 different races and still need to get them posted for my own memory sake.  Someday I'm going to make a book with all my races and I want to remember each and every one of them individually.   So, I will update those soon.

A while back I had posted about deciding to attempt my first 100 mile race, The Ultra Jackpot Festival, held in Las Vegas, Nevada and so to train adequately the program I have been using wants you to train for 24 weeks.  That's a little less than 6 months. Well, I found out about this race from my friend Cory at the end of October, just three months ago.  I had already been running a lot with almost a half marathon every other weekend and so I wasn't too concerned starting half way into this plan.  I found a few different plans to use and this one just seemed to fit best with my lifestyle and so I started training around week 12.  As you can see by looking at the Friday and Saturday back to back runs the mileage really builds and my weekends have been taken over by big long runs that take me a long time to complete.  Week 21 felt like ♫the song that doesn't end♫yes it goes on and on my friend♫.  If you've never heard it then you must take a moment and listen to it.  My kids watched the show when they were little which meant I usually did too.
Lamb Chops Song

And now I am finally done with my highest mileage of training last week!!!  In fact the race is just 2 short weeks away.  I am on week 23 of the plan and so happy to have only a tiny amount of miles to run until race day.  It's a little nerve wracking though to go from 73 miles in one week down to only 22 the next.  What's up with that?  And now this week only 18 miles.  I sure hope whoever created this plan really knows what they're doing and that this works for the goal I have.  Only time will tell.  

First timers 100 mile race


Becca Jane said...

You are amazing! I am so excited to hear how your 100-miler goes! I'm so glad you are in my life! Love ya Mama Duck!

Becka said...

Really excited to hear how this goes for you, wish this was a race I could have made it to!

Gina said...

Good luck with your big goals lady; you've continued to up the bar, but I have faith you'll have no trouble succeeding. Have any mantra's you're developing to get you through?