Saturday, January 2, 2010

I'm scared of water!

I know water is a good thing. It keeps us alive, clean and hydrated. But when water has damaged our new home not once, but twice now it scares me to pieces. I'm afraid to turn on the water to brush my teeth, take a shower, flush the toilet, run the dishwasher, start a batch of laundry and every other thing water might be needed for in my life. I now fear falling asleep because I might wake up to a mess. I even have dreamed now about sinks overflowing and dripping.
I awoke two evenings ago in the early morning hours of 1:00 am to what I thought was somebody taking a shower, only to discover as I ran downstairs that our third level was a pool of water with it pouring out one of the walls in the laundry room. The drain in the laundry room wasn't functioning and so all this water was pouring out on into the hallway and family room. Had the drain been working I think our mess would have been far easier to deal with. I ran upstairs to wake up Mark and then shut off the water to the house in the basement. After the boys started sucking up water with the wet/dry vac downstairs I went looking for water damage upstairs to start drying things off and to see where the origin of the water problem was. Mark discovered a supply valve in our master bathroom had popped off under the sink and so for about 45 minutes it had been pouring out from the upper level of our home down to the third. So basically now, we are in a mess. We have called our insurance guy and will hopefully get things all worked out soon. In the meantime we have been using 5 large fans and working on getting this place dried out. The sad thing is it was brand new carpet and brand new paint. I know things will improve but for now it's a challenge to feel motivated to move forward when I feel like I'm going backwards. I have a very good friend who gave me this for Christmas. She is such a rock to me. She hears all my woes and challenges, highs and lows, and is a woman with much inspiration and knowledge. I lean on her more than she probably realizes. Well, when I opened this and then read a very tender card she had written I cried. She shared her feelings of how I was the one with the strength and courage and how this saying totally made her think of me. My challenge for this year is to continually be courageous through whatever life throws at me. I need to keep my chin up and strive to move forward.

Because I try to stay positive in life I feel the need to share some experiences that have happened since moving:

*My dad who was hanging on for dear life just over a month ago in the ICU has improved dramatically and even is finding positive things in life to feel good about. It's so wonderful to see him on this happy path.

*My husband's leg has improved a lot! I debated showing photos because some of you were curious but trust me, you would be traumatized to see them!

*We have such wonderful neighbors. One in particular helped us move our piano and then came over and tuned it, fixed a few keys, fixed the pedal, and basically did a major brush up job on the whole thing. He works in the music department at BYU. As I was getting out my checkbook to pay him he said "Merry Christmas. I know trying to move is a challenge and you have a lot going on. Don't worry about it." Of course I cried. What a very sweet man he is.

*We have a wonderful ward who has welcomed us with open arms. The bishop is amazing and connects so well already with my boys. The Christmas program in Sacrament Meeting was absolutely fabulous. I felt like I was watching a little mini Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Mark and I have already received callings. We are team teaching the 14, 15, and 16 year old sunday school class. I was also called to be an Assistant Camp Director. So, we have been put to work already and look forward to the experiences that await us there.

*I went to my first Enrichment Meeting in December and felt so welcomed and met so many wonderful women. I look forward to forming some new friendships here.

*Our old friends haven't forgotten us. We will ALWAYS treasure those friendships we have formed in the past 19 years of living in our previous home. There have been quite of few of them that have helped with our move and with our struggles. I won't share names but just know that they are priceless to us and somehow, someway, someday I have to figure out how to express my appreciation to them for all they continue to do and have done. Maybe a great big dinner and party when our life and home is a bit more settled??

I hope you all have a great 2010. I know I sure am hoping for one! I want NO repeats of 2009, that's for sure!!!


Jillian said...

The old house we used to live in got flooded several times (part of the reason I'm glad we're not there anymore). There are at least two times I distinctly remember though because it happened while I was sleeping. The sound of running water woke me up just in time to see a good few inches covering the floor and seeping out the windows (my room was in the basement). I remember going into April's room to see her just standing there frozen as the water poured onto her hope chest. I snapped her out of it so she could help me save it. We did, but so much gets lost in those things... but what I learned is that most of the time, they are just things. The Lord provides for the rest that actually have some value.

As my Mom would say, "Be brave little piglet!" and let us know how we can be of service. We've been where you've been... so please just say the words and we'll be there to help!

Lara said...

It sounds like you're headed for a great new year! I'm happy that things are going well (aside from the flooding!) with your new home and neighbors.

Happy New Year!

Loralee and the gang... said...

A few weeks ago we were awakened to the sounds of the fire alarm going off - and discovered a overflowing toilet! I've been planning to post about it soon...
So sorry for your troubles! And too bad it didn't happen BEfore all the paing and carpet work was done. But chin up, things wILL get better, my friend!

LL said...

FLooding is so PAINFUL!
I love your positive attitude, so glad your new ward has welcomed you in. They are lucky to have you!

Heatherlyn said...

We had some water damage and our insurance company used Serve-pro and they were fantastic. Everything got back to normal right away.

I hope that you have a wonderful year. You have some very good things happening in your life!

heather said...

That's terrible!! The flooding I mean. The sign -the sign is awesome!

Yankee Girl said...

Things can only get better from here, right?

p.s. you can still come to book group even though you have betrayed us by moving.

Rachel Sue said...

Aahh! That is awful. There are few worse things than water damage. We have had a little bit, and that is all I want to deal with!

I hope things get worked out quickly for you!

Devri said...

I so understand.. floods are not fun! and NOT ME.. no repeats of 2009 thats for sure! xxxx's

JustMEtheMOM said...

Oh no! When it rains it pours (yikes! - more water - ooops)

Hope you're surviving. Can't wait for a missionary update :)


rachel said...

Wow, what amazing blessings you have received, Suzette. So sorry about the flooding. I too have high hopes for 2010...I think it's going to be a great year!

Happy New Year :)

Omgirl said...

Oh my gosh, you poor things! Water damage is the worst!!! I hope you can start to relax after a while and not fear the water anymore.

Jenny said...

Yikes! I do believe that Courage is the right word for you this year. I would be feeling the same way, a little nervous about turning on the water.

Frosty said...

I knew it wouldn't take long for you to be gobbled up with callings, such a fun age to teach too! (I say that as I have my 14 & 15 years olds peacefully playing a game of Farkle. *smiles*)


The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Oh how awful to deal with so many floods!!!!! Seriously AWFUL!!! Cheers to a great, FLOOD free year, kay? :)

Kate said...

I am so sorry. That is awful. I think we have all had something similar happen. We had a couple of floods in our brand new house when we lived in Herriman and I know what you mean about a little worried about water and I used to worry about rainstorms.
Good luck and hang in there.

Launi said...

Oh, I do hope things are better now. I'm so sorry that your first few days have been so rough in your new place. There are times when all I could think of to say in such a situation was, "Well, water does beat fire."

How are you this day, my friend?
Let's go get lunch or watch a movie or something. I miss you.

Rachel said...


I just wanted to drop a line to let you know I am thinking about you and your family after the terrible loss you had last night. I truly do believe God has a plan, and of course it isn't easy. It never is. Even though I've been sort of through a tragic death like this, I never know what to say. Know I am praying for you and yours. Let me know what I can do for you.


LL said...

don't know how else to get ahold of you--just wanted to send my love and prayers!
I'm so sorry!

Jillian said...

I realize this is the last place you will be looking right now, but please know that you and your family are in our prayers!

Launi said...

Oh, Susette.
Please know that our love and prayers are with you. I am so sorry.